Portuguese Literature Online is one of the 'Babel Countries' websites presenting world literature available in English. It is sponsored by the Gulbenkian Foundation UK and produced by the publishers of the Babel Guides working with the educational charity organisation Babel Cultural Heritage Limited.

This website is a new way to get to know Portuguese writers available in English translation. Click on a region of the interactive map and you will discover writers associated with it through their own lives or their subject matter. The writers have links to bio pages, book reviews and English versions of their books. (Everything you discover through this site is in English). The books are illustrated by specially chosen keyworded extracts which may be useful for studying Portuguese culture and reality through the medium of its writers' works. All extracts used on this site are copyright and presented here on a fair use basis as part of a presentation and discussion of the original authors' works.

Portuguese Literature Online is the first of the 'Babel Countries' websites, a part of Babel World Literature Projects which promotes world literature in English translation through publications (see babelguides.co.uk), websites, performances, book presentations and promotions and consultancy.

We would welcome your comments on the site especially from individuals and organisations wishing to collaborate with or extend our work.

Note: This is a useful working demo which will extend as financing and time allows. Only certain regions (Trás Os Montes, Lisbon and Algarve) and authors (José Saramago, Miguel Torga, Lídia Jorge, Fernando Pessoa) are currently enabled.

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